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Our professional service charge shall be worked out after discussion with your organization depending upon the type of requirements. Normally we charge 8.33% of annual CTC + Service Tax in case of permanent placement to company & 12 % in case of contract base labour or staff allied services. We shall provide a free replacement if the candidate leaves within 90 days of joining of his/her own accord.

Payment should be made in the name of “ Vijaya Management Services” by cheque within 30 days from the date of the joining of the candidate.
Facilities - In case of Contract Labour:
Supervision on permanent / twice a week basis as per requirement 

Attendance record on weekly /monthly basis. 
Overtime records if required, on weekly basis.
Computerized statement of payment on the 4th day of every subsequent month. 
Payment between 7th-10th days of every subsequent month. 
Submission of E.S.I., P.F., & Professional Tax & Returns on our own Code Nos. 
Contract License shall be taken by us if required by paying necessary amount. 
Provision of manpower within 48 Hours. 
Training & information to the personnel about factory discipline, work nature etc. 
Personal attention, communication & co-ordination with Co’s Personnel Deptt./ HR Dept. From time to time 

Requirements for providing contract labour:
Minimum required of manpower is 5 Nos.. 
The payment to be made on or before 5th day of every subsequent month. 
Application of Labour Laws under Labor of Contract Act 1970. 
Registration of Agreement 

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